Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday: New Drawings and more work in progress.

Above is the first drawing I completed last night using the wedge tip of my promarkers, when the sequence was finished I then did one white gel dot per wedge dot. Very happy with if the truth be told a very successful little drawing.

Above is the reverse bleeding narrative version with two green metallic gel dots on each one.

Above is the next drawing I have started,  still using the wedge end of my promarkers it is not finished yet but I do think it looks lovely as it is. We will see what happens to it later when I continue with it.

Above and below is the update on my new work in progress bigger drawing. I managed to get a full hour and a half on it. It slowly grows each row gives it more of a lush feeling, like some sort of textile.

I so look forward to having it finished, many hours of work to go.

Off to finish something I have started and to start something that might not get finished. That is what I do when I draw.


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