Friday, 28 October 2016

Ceramic Wotnots, new drawing and work in progress.

Above is the drawing I finished in last nights drawing session, I will be working on the bleeding narrative version tonight. Sharpies, Uni-pin and gel pen.

Today, we had no workshops to do so myself and Zoe my wife went up to it anyway to do some art work. While Zoe seemed to be making headway with a couple of paintings I did nearly two hours on this, below is a close up and below below gives you an idea of how much more is to do until I am satisfied.

bit fuzzy 
After this mornings 'art' work we popped into town and picked up some pottery that we at last have fired so below are ten ceramic Wotnots that I did early this year that have finally been glaze fired.

I still think that these fall under my remit of 'contemporary abstract drawing'. I don't know what you think, do feel free to open a discussion on the topic with me if you wish.

I think they are very me after looking at the all again.

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