Monday, 3 October 2016

Monday, Barnoon Workshop, Drawings

Above an a little out of focus but too dark to take another now is the drawing I thought I might have finished however after last nights drawing it is now.

I also added to this one above last night and I like it dots and lines, how me is that.

Above a bleeding narrative of the first shown, might not add to this, who knows!

Today started with our regular 'drop in and draw' at Barnoon Workshop. Zoe had us drawing from memory to start off with and the subject was seagulls something we all have seen a lot of down 'ere.
There was a watercolour class in the afternoon at Barnoon. We have managed to pass on some large files of drawings done at the drop in and draw to Carl and Kate at the BID office.

After work and handing out some of the new Barnoon leaflets we stopped for a coffee at The Pedn Olva and had this view as we relaxed and got ready for our evening.

I have plenty of drawing to do tonight and for the rest of my life actually I still have so many ideas to do and I am sure I will always come up with new ones.....


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