Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Grids, Art Tour and new drawings

Above is a new drawing in my whole work sketchbook that I have been working on since early September, over half way through now.

Above is another drawing from the above sketchbook, a bit of a odd photo of it because of the way the light reflects off the metallic ink. I will have to finish this one off tonight.

Above is one of the smaller works I do, this is on a shard of 'sea pottery' I found near the exit of The Stennack River. I love how my patterns can work on even the smallest things. This is sometimes the only way I can do minimal when I am on one of my larger projects.

Above is Barnoon Workshop where we ply our trade as artists, we put on all sorts of creative workshops and comes in handy as a studio to work from, we are adding a few things inside so we can have a bit more of a gallery and craft experience. 

Another sight I am lucky to see regularly is Porthmeor Beach and the Island. Not bad for the second half of October.

Today I did an art tour for two lovely ladies who had come to St Ives from Milton Keynes. I think they were surprised to find ex Milton Keynes people working as artists here. I did a tour around the town telling them of St Ives's art colony history and answering their questions about art and the town too. It is fun showing people some of the more hidden things in this intriguing town.

Above is a photo of one of my whole work sketchbook. This photo was done properly by my friend Jordan Jackson which is why it is much better than the ones I post daily from my phone.

Above is another image of my work by Jordan. It is 96 grids with uni pin dots to fill each one. It took weeks to complete as you could imagine.

Above is another grid drawing that was also brought to life through Jordan's lens. When I did my blog yesterday I realised they were all dot drawing so I wanted to show some grids too.

Well soon I will be off to draw and relax so I have something to show tomorrow.


  1. I particularly love the grid drawing at the bottom of the blog - but then Louise and I have become the St Ives lifetime stewards of this work of art ... Thank you, Bobby, for creating it.