Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A drawing of a real thing and contemporary abstract drawing

Above is the promised drawing from yesterdays drawing session at Barnoon Workshop. I am happy with it I seem to be gain a style in drawing real things.....

Above is a sharpie tile design on a ceramic tile, shapes taken from nature, modified bracts.

Last nights drawing has not been photographed yet, so double new drawings up tomorrow evening.

Below are three from a series of drawings I did earlier in the year, these were all done on mount board. It seems to take the ink very nicely for what I want. I was exploring these elongated rectangles in a landscape manner for a change and exploring contrast and colour. These 3 drawing were photographed by 'The Artist's Friend' Jordan Jackson. He did such a good job on them in terms of sharpness and accuracy of colour.

Today has been a busy day at Barnoon Workshop first off we did a candle making workshop that my wife Zoe led, then in the afternoon she led a soap making workshop and then she did an individual tutoring session, I was the face model for the firts bit. After I ran around town for meetings etc. We have got in rather late and I will be off to draw very soon. I am very pleased with the drawings I did last night and have a sense of urgency to carry on.

See some of you tomorrow


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