Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Octobers 1st Tuesday,Tour & Draw, Brian Eno and The World etc

Above is a new drawing I did last night in my 'whole sketchbook' work, I am about a month in on this book and it is going well.

Above is the second drawing I did last night whilst watching the tele, slightly more minimal for me using a Letraset grey promarker, a white 'metallic' pen and a uni-pin pen.

Today I did my Tour & Draw around St Ives and had seven really nice people, I do enjoy taking people around St Ives and giving them an insight into the art colony we live in. It was quite warm but pretty windy with white horses on the incoming waves.

This afternoon my wife and myself have been out to Carbis Bay making sure hotels and holiday providers have our Barnoon Workshop leaflets. I now feel very wind blown indeed and am glad to be home doing this blog.

An old friend asked me today if felt doing a daily blog was a large responsibility for an artist to be doing and wasn't the life of an artist meant to be doing what you want when you want to. I replied saying it was actually a very good way of getting my thoughts and ideas together and that I enjoy doing it. My motivations for doing this blog is to communicate to the wider world, showing off my work and daily routines and to share 'What an artist does all day'. I think I finally decided to do this blog after watching quite a few of the BBC documentaries that formed a series of what we do to keep our art going. Ok those people in the series are a lot more famous than I am and it made me want to share what I do, some of it must be a bit ordinary for some folk but I have had over 5,200 visitors out of the 221 missives I have written so far. The other inspiration behind it was reading Brian Eno's book 'A Year: with swollen appendicies'. When I read this book it was such a good peak into the world of someone I think of as a creative genius of our age. I have always enjoyed so much of Eno's work although I can say it didn't win me over to his work with Coldplay, not Eno's fault but I just don't quite get them. However many other people that have worked with him, Talking Heads, David Bowie, James and many many others I get what he brings to the table. Of course I am a greater fan of the majority of his solo works and collaborations with people like Robert Fripp. Eno opened a whole new world up for me with his first four solo albums and his forays into 'discreet' ambient music and I have made many an ambient pieces of music myself in this vein. I can only ask you if you are not familiar with his work to go off and explore what this deep thinking man does. I also recommend the John Peel lecture he did a while back for the BBC. It encompassed a wide ranging set of topics around music art and suggesting the world isn't quite working as we thought it would and that we might be heading towards a more equal post capitalistic society that is fair, almost an echo of Jeremy Corbyn's mantra of a better and fairer world for everyone not just the 'chosen' few. We will see about that but I do feel that each nasty move Teressa May and her pals make to keep us poorer people down and dismantling of the NHS amongst many other horrible things they have in store for us all including lowering human rights do not seem to be a good thing.

To combat some of the things in this world that we seem to have no control over is part of why I am so involved with doing creative acts everyday, not that I am hiding but making a nice drawing does lift the spirit and that combined with doing something virtually everyday it does keep some of it a bay.

Good luck everyone in the world.

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