Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday, drawing finished and two on the way and stuff.

Above is a drawing I finished last night, showed the unfinished one yesterday. I am now fully happy with this drawing.

Above is one of those ideas I start with and certainly I don't consider how long it will take. So here it is after my second session with it. So last night I enlarged the Windsor & Newton grid and the decided to fill each grid with small dots, oh well more tonight then.

Above is another of those 'oh my what have I started drawings that I have been updating images here when I make progress. It is a larger scale drawing so it is harder to fit into my daily routine, what with co-running the workshop and the guitar lessons I give. I must try and be a little more organized with things. I haven't time it but each lines must take over half an hour to complete with each dot from a different pen, taking the cap off and doing the dot and then replacing the cap is not a fast process but I know the results are going to be fab as the pattern emerges over time. It is giving me the idea of some sort of rectangular butterfly wing pattern or something of that nature. I do wonder what others might see. I am trying to get a few more hours in on this somehow this week, I feel determined or impatient to see it come to full life.

Now you may be thinking as you have read the above, how can I be impatient? I know the very nature of my work means I am a patient person but I do strive to get work finished and out there. I am working to get a body of work, framed and unframed for the next open exhibition at The St Ives Society Of Artists so have to get my entries ready for the latter half of November. When I entered one earlier this year I only entered framed work but I do understand you can get unframed work into the browsers too, which is something I must do this time. I sold well last time so fingers crossed.

After work that included admin and drawing this afternoon I went to meet my wife Zoe for a coffee on her way back home from a watercolour course she is teaching at a local hotel, we had a quick coffee at the Pedn Olva, after I caught this view of bright sunshine further up the north coast past Godrevy. Although not very sunny here but still not cold. I do love the clement weather we get down here, having said that the storms we get are pretty impressive too.

Well I am off soon to draw but have a few things to do first so listening to Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music as the early evening vibe.

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