Sunday, 9 October 2016

Some of my drawings, Falmouth Reggae Festival

Above is a drawing I did on mount board a while ago a drawing I still love, nice and bold in its way.

Above is a drawing I did on this rock I found, I love this very much it is still pretty much the biggest rock drawing I have done. I have it at home but it would be up for sale if anyone wants a large rock with red and gold dots on it.

You will notice that in the background are the early Tate St Ives extension works. They have been a dark green for a long time but I had forgotten the we a more acceptable white before. Still I for one will be happy when all is finished next year and Tate St Ives is fully open again, what a bonus it will be for our town and Cornwall. It will include the biggest single gallery space in the south west. I have seen it unfinished and it is very impressive indeed.

Above is one of my wood drawings that you can imagine took a pretty long time to do. I remember working on it nearly every night for what seemed weeks and looking at it again now it has so many ranges of different dots with many red pens.

Bennie Page

Yesterday was a very rare day out our friends came down to see us and go to The Falmouth Reggae Festival and above and below are a little bit of proof we were there.

A few pints down by this point I think but there was a lovely atmosphere and a lot of peace and unity between us all and the world beyond.


Dots and lines

We saw a few Dj's and MC's through the early evening including the great talent of Bennie Page and they really did get a good vibe up and then we were treated to two very fine bands, Laid Blak from Bristol who's male singer was from Redruth and also the best act of the day for me Natty & The Rebel Ship, who were the best reggae band I have seen for years. and we picked up a flyer and it turns out they are coming to St Ives in November, hope we can go.

Whilst not having time over the last couple of days to do much drawing my mind has been thinking of all sorts of dots and line ideas some of which will surface in my work I am sure. I was also thinking of using a pad of tracing paper and doing one continuous work with each drawing with the previous one showing or not showing through. It would be a different spin on my 'bleeding narrative' series a kind of 'non bleeding but showing through narrative'. That is the kind of idea that I have that will either pop out in the near future or remain submerged for a few years. I did some drawing on a sort of see-through plastic film a year or so go. I have them stored somewhere in a sketchbook, maybe. They were intended for a mini exhibition I would secrete around the town somewhere and for some reason haven't got around to the second half of the concept. I will try and locate and take some pictures of them and then maybe if I still like them complete the work. We will see when I find them.

My head is now full of ideas of where they could end up, I will have to keep my eyes open of a suitable place. Food for thought, I will be off to draw soon.

New drawings up tomorrow.


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