Saturday, 22 October 2016

A workshop and then onto The Exchange - Penzance

Today started with a resin charms workshop and then after that we went of for a fortifying Frankies moment and then onto to pick up a few things for next weeks workshops at Barnoon.
After that we visited The Exchange Gallery and the current exhibition Liberties. I found the show a thoughtful experience.

After looking at all the works we went for a coffee and decided to join in the activity on offer. So above is me working on a small art piece whilst enjoying my flat white. Photo courtesy of my wife and inspiration, Zoe Eaton.

Above is a table shot of my finished piece with a bit of wotnot sea pottery acting as the mouth. I also left one on the table as a kind of art tip.

Above finished work, signed on the rear. I wonder what will happen to it in future.

I did some drawing last night but the light is not good enough to make it worth taking pics. I will do it tomorrow. So I will show a few images of earlier work. Lots of dots for you to look at. Seeing all these below it makes me realise I should get some better photographs done but I still think they show of what the drawings are about.

Well I better get off to get some more drawing done. Cheers!

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