Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday 225, Drawing.

Above is the drawing I thought I hadn't completed yesterday but now I have so here it is.

Today has been a busy day but not art wise, we have old friends arriving tonight from the old country. It was Toby's birthday last week and they are coming down and we are all going to the Falmouth Reggae Festival together tomorrow. I am thinking it will be a nice belated way of sharing his big day.
So today I am sharing some slightly less recent work with you. The one below was completed in the summer and was in Zoe Eaton's and my summer exhibition that was up in Cafe Art, the exhibition was called 'Art Lovers' a pretty apt title for and exhibition by us I think.

Above is a drawing I did on the condensation of a window last winter. I do like to do little ethereal works like this from time to time.

Above is a drawing I did earlier this year as part of a 'whole sketchbook work' and I still really like it. I do not seem to be and artist that hates all their earlier work, I find I can get on very well with most of it as it seems to be a continuos 'thing' that is all part of everything I have been doing these past 15 years. I sum it up as process driven Contemporary Abstract Drawing.

Above is a drawing I did on the end of a vegetable crate that I got from Trims shop on Tregenna Place. Andrew Mounsey has been a great supporter over the years of our businesses and of ourselves personally, a damn good bloke.

This one above was part of my forray into using colour again in my work. I took me along time to introduce colour however I am still happy to work in monochrome too.

Hope you enjoy after all that is the main concept behind them,


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