Monday, 10 October 2016

New drawings and Drawing Class

Above is a drawing I completed last night, I like the way some it it is almost not there.

A bit more bold this one, I left some dots out as I have recently on some drawings but I now feel I have to complicate this one a little more.

The bleeding narrative of the one above this one, nice sense of movement.

Above is a grid I did last night with the wedge end of a Windsor & Newton Promarker. I really don't think I have finished this one but I will see once I get drawing tonight.

Today has been our usual start to the day, as per usual I attended my wife's drawing class @Barnoon Workshop and then in the afternoon Zoe led a watercolour class whilst I did other stuff at the end of the day we went and bought some extra watercolour stuff for further classes.

I am tired after the weekend and the start of the weeks work. I have a lot to do this week.

Onward and upward...

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