Monday, 31 October 2016

Start the week, Wonderful weather, Drawing class.

Above is a drawing I started and completed in last nights drawing session using just two pens, a white gel pen and a uni-pin fine liner or fine dotter if you like.

Today started as many a Monday does with a drawing class led by my wife Zoe Eaton. Today we did faces and eyes but starting with skulls. Zoe chose this for two reasons, 1. it is Halloween and 2. because it makes you take in what is under the shin that makes the shape of you face and eyes. Below you can see my charcoal skull. It was an illuminating class and time went by so fast.

Today has been a day of contrasts, I sold a framed drawing, which is good. Sadly after that we had to pick up our work from The Uys Gallery as it has now closed, although still operating online. It was a bit sad for all.

After we had done that we went off to the other side of the bay to clear our heads and take advantage of such beautiful weather. So here are a few views of what we saw.
St Ives from the other
side of the bay
Towards Godrevy

Here I am pointing at Peters point. The reason is although I work as Bobby Wotnot in all things creative my first name is really Peter, long story for another day.

I am off to start drawing soon and working out what to do with all this work I am now have and to plan some future Barnoon Workshop events.

Cheers all ...

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