Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wood Drawing, Remix project, Wilhelimina Barns-Graham and a blur.

Above is a dreadful pic of the drawing I did last night, will get a better shot tomorrow but I thought I would give you the idea. I have been riffing on the previous drawing I did the previous session.

Today after doing some work at the workshop we went off to do a dump run and the we went onto The Penlee Gallery in Penzance to see the current Wilhelmina Barns-Graham exhibition. It is a really fascinating show with lots of her earlier works which range from offset prints to paintings an drawings. Finally the show broadened out with her later abstract works, which personally really connect with me. The freedom and the joy of colour. She was an inspiration working up to her death in 2004, an artist should never stop working.

We also had a quick gander at the permanent collection to. Stanhope Forbes amongst others. Some fantastic works by other members of the Newlyn School. Also the have a display of historical antiquities from ceramics from 2,500 BC to flint arrow heads to bronze age artifacts and also a more 20th Century view point covering mainly Penwith.

I have been thinking in depth about my work over the last while and on my quest to thoroughly explore my view on contemporary abstract drawing. So sometimes whilst thinking I have been looking back through some pics of my previous works in different mediums whilst still 'drawing' or what I call drawing. You might also call it printing with a pen, that is for you to decide.

Below are 3 of my drawings on wood or thick paper as I sometimes think of it.

I am really enjoying seeing these three again.

In contrast to all that wood drawing here is a remix project I did last year. At the end of the work I returned it to the Tate St Ives perspex brouchure recylcing box. I believe they still have it somewhere.

Well I am off to draw.

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