Friday, 4 November 2016

Dots Grids Wood

Above are three drawings that I finished last night, the light faded before I took these pics and indeed one drawing is too subtle to show you today. I am sure I will have better pics of these another day.

Today has been a day with a lunchtime Lantern Parade meeting working out what we can do with little money, I am feeling underfunded for what we have to do as a team

I also did a guitar lesson.

We are off out to an event at The Leach Pottery soon so I thought I would blog early.

Above is a little exhibition shot from a few years ago, wood on the wall.

Below are some grids I did last year. They were a light response to me taking time doing dot drawings. I was a nice change to get some drawings done really quickly and has certainly fed into my work this years.

See you all tomorrow. Cheers

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