Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Work in progress, new work and possible future work.

Above is a drawing I completed last night, thought I had finished it the night before but obviously not.

Above is a drawing completed in last nights session, there is on dot on this picture that was done by my friend Skbz.

The reverse drawing of the one above above.

Today I went up to the workshop to work on this for a couple of hours as I had no one on my tour this morning. As I say everytime I work on this I feel it is growing in a very nice way.

Above is a a closer up view to give you a better idea of what is going on.

Below is an item that was given me by Ann Kelley, she had this bit of packaging and thought of me, can't think why! Anyway this is the second donation for me to make a work out of in a week. I have been wondering what I will do with it, at the moment I am thinking dots but I would wouldn't I.

I am off to draw soon and plot my entries for two exhibitions and also to work out which works to put in our own exhibition at The Barnoon Workshop. It is going to called "Back To Beauty" by Zoe Eaton and Bobby Wotnot. We have dates at the begining of December pencilled in as well, cheers all!

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