Tuesday, 22 November 2016

New work in progress, Inspiral Carpets, Grids, Contemporary Abstract Drawing

Above is the drawing I started working on yesterday and showed a little of, I must have done nearly four hours on this last night and need to get it finished off tonight. I am feeling very happy with it so far.
I thought when I started going around all the blue dots that it was going to take so long there must be 3,500 of them so I am not surprised but I just didn't really think about it in the terms of repetitions labour, not that I am unaware of such with all the dots I have drawn in the course of all the work I have done over the last 15/20 years.

Random Beach Art

As I have been mainly drawing the blue dots drawing at the top in the last day I have no other new drawings to show you so below are a few grids I did in a book of grids, nice bold pen experiments.

Well as usual the soundtrack to me writing this blog has been Marc Riley and BBC 6 Music and the first half hour has been fab including Wire and sadly the Inspiral Carpets 'Gilly' has died at the age of 44. He was a fab drummer, I remember supporting them at The Electra Cinema in Newport Pagnell, sadly no longer there another casualty of mass consumption. I remember the sheer power with a killer kit sound driving the band hard but with groove. This gig must have been just before the whole Madchester thing came into being and our band at the time was New Mutants, we were kind of an indie band whatever that mean't/means. I remember we played pretty good but knew they were destined for big things soon.

Today I have also done a drawing class and given our forms in for the Christmas Open at The Society Of St Ives Artists, we deliver the work tomorrow and preview night is Friday.

I have some drawing to do so cheers!

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