Sunday, 13 November 2016

I travel.

Above is a little drawing I completed last night whilst at Andy and Hillary's and extra little piece for them and Andy watched as it was done, which was nice.

Today was first a day to hang out with my son and in the course of this, we visited old friends and also found an old friend on the wall, so above is a painting my wife Zoe Eaton did quite a number of years ago now and I still love and so do the people who own it.

Whilst driving around 'North Bucks' my son decided to document some of our journey and also included artist driving.

After all this I dropped my son off back with his folks and got on the road back to Cornwall. I had a really good run back and had lots of art thoughts too. I had just got back into the county and the A30 had been closed went on a mad diversion and still got home in six and a half hours. I am tired, happy to have spent some quality time with my boy and very happy to be back home and we will see if I can get a little drawing in tonight so I can share some new work with you tomorrow.


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