Friday, 11 November 2016

New Drawings and Travel.

Above are two new drawings I did in last nights drawing session. I am happy with these and must try and do more tonight. However my location and routine has changed. I have driven up country so I can spend some time with my son. So as I write this I am in Newport Pagnell just on the edge of Milton Keynes, the area of quite a lot of my upbringing.

I am staying with old friends for the night and catching up on stuff and what we have been upto for the last few years. Also swapping 'son' stories and all that gubbins you do when you haven't seen someone for a few years. All feels good but it is still pulls feelings and memories out of you, just driving through a part of Milton Keynes, things have changed but also many things haven't more buildings linking up places that weren't linked when we left nearly six and a half years ago.

I am happy not to live there anymore, not that I hate the place but moving to Cornwall has been a real adventure in life.

Whilst I was driving the 300 miles or so to get here I spent a lot of time thinking about my drawings. Wishing I could find time and afford to find the time drawing more of my bigger works. So do manage this I have to sell more work and get more galleries interested in showing and selling my work. I used to terribly shy about all this, now I am feeling more emboldened about it. I think partly because I have spent s long exploring and becoming happy with what I am producing and seeing it from small to big all fitting together. I feel my work is cohesive and I have given up worrying about those who don't like or don't get it, that is fine by me. I am also pleased with the reaction I have had this year to my work and indeed some of the sales, although none of it will make me a living yet it does supplement and pay for materials. So to that aim I am going to approach some galleries next week and also make sure I have enough work to put in to The Society Of St Ives Artist open all has to be in place by November 22nd.
So when I get back to the west country I will have to get on with things.

Above some more dots.

So I must close my blog for tonight and work on a drawing so I have something to show you tomorrow.

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