Sunday, 6 November 2016

New Drawings, Thanks Todd, Bleeding Narrative Stopper, Contemporary Abstract Drawing.

Hello, I am here on Sunday evening writing this blog I have to report that my blog got blogged by an art blogger in he States. So I start by thanking Todd Camplin and here is a link to his blog I read Todd's blog regularly and like his open view of his art world.

Above is a drawing I did in last nights session, it took a little while but there was still time to do the reverse bleeding narrative version, which is below.

Above is another drawing I did this week continuing on the theme of blotters. I have been using a bit of mount board to stop ink bleeding through too far in my sketchbook when I don't want it to. So this one came about when I was at the Patrick Heron workshop at Barnoon. I blotted some red paint on some cartridge paper, let it dry and the proceeded to draw with one pen, one gel pen and two markers. I had no thought to what I was doing I just did and now find it interesting and finished.

Above is a bit of my bleeding narrative stopper.

Today I have done a beginners guitar workshop at Barnoon and really enjoyed it. Since then I have been home, just had dinner and yet again listening to BBC 6 Music. Tom Robinson is playing tunes by bands that 'we' saw as support acts and it is making me think of quite a few. Quick list of random bands I have seen before they were headliners.

The Cure supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees at Friars Aylesbury
Pulp supporting Blue Aeroplanes at Dingwalls
Jesus and Mary Chain supporting The Sugarcubes at The Cambridge Theatre
Blue Aeroplanes supporting Primal Scream and It's Immaterial (two different gigs)
The Cramps supporting The Police at Friars Aylesbury
U2 supporting OMD and Talking Heads at The Electric Ballroom
The Police supporting Alternative TV and Spirit at The Rainbow

I am sure there are many more that I could mention but I have to get some drawing done soon.

Cheers all

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