Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Contemporary Abstract Drawing with lots of dots.

Above as promised a slightly better version of the previous nights drawing and below all I managed to do last night, might get it finished tonight.

Today has been an admin day followed my my usual Wednesday guitar classes, which were fun.
Now I have to do this blog before I continue on this one above. So I will mainly be making this a visual blog. I have been asked by an arts website to put for ward two works for a traveling exhibition in the South West. So I have to make up my mind by 5pm Friday which two works to put forward for possible inclusion. I am quietly thinking but I shall put a few up here today that I might pick.

These are two of my larger scale drawing that I might put up for selection. I certainly think the both look great and they do show off very well one side of what I do with my work.

Cheers until tomorrow

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