Monday, 28 November 2016

Contemporary Abstract Drawing and Water Colour and St Ives Lantern Parade.

Above is the drawing I completed last evening dots on dots under dots.

Today I attended the Water Colour course at The Barnoon Workshop. I have seldom used water colour but as I was being guided into this water colour world I experimented in a Wotnot kind of way whilst following the exercises  quite faithfully whilst applying and exploring my language. It was a lot of fun to play with a different medium for a change so below are my experiments, some very me and some exploring with joy.

After the workshops today we had a volunteer meeting for this years ST Ives Lantern Parade, sadlt under funded for this years parade but it was a very positive meeting with some good folk and Barnoon Stalwarts and a new helper too, so Thanks to Pete Jarman, Tree Stewart, Kaz Turnbull, Erin Lacy and La la from South Korea. It went pretty well and considering the meager budget  we have for this year we will still pull off a pretty good show. Sad to say it could have been much much more. Next Year we will rise higher than ever before but this year we will be doing our uptmost best with what we have.

After the evening meeting we retired to the pub for a couple and ended up in the Kettle and Wink and we were very much entertained by Tom Jackson, Malcolm Hurst and Hugo Pulley. They do do it well, damn good blues.

Well I have to get a bit of drawing in and relax, cheers.....

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