Thursday, 24 November 2016

New Drawings and drawings of real things too.

Above are two drawings I finished last evening on my continuing exploration of pattern. It seems an endless and enjoyable journey,one that I don't seem to able or want to stop.

Below is the other drawing I started but haven't finished but might tonight.

Today was very enjoyable, I attended a whole day course in drawing led by my wife, the students were fun and we all did so much drawing, however I have only included a couple of my efforts. I am happy with what I did and learned so much. As I have said before I did little drawing of 'real' things until about 18 months ago and I am really enjoying.

I am hoping that all our works that we put in to the'open' exhibition at The Mariners have got into the Christmas show, so fingers crossed.

Off to draw, cheers!

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