Sunday, 13 November 2016

Milton Keynes and dots and sea pottery..


I have been staying with friends just outside Milton Keynes. I has been a chance of a right catch up on  old friends and life in general and the world. In the course of last evening I didn't manage to fit in much drawing but my friends produced the 'stones' that I had left them last time I stayed with them some eighteen months ago.

I am in regular contact with Andy through social media etc. He often comments to me on some of the very things in this blog so I took up some more small drawing for them. 

With our previous creative moments Andy wandered if I could make some sort of piece out of a collection of lanyards he has made through the work he does. So here is what he has passed onto me and have now been tasked with making a work out of them, so I guess I will spend a little while think around what I will do and make with them. I love an interesting challenge. I will share what I do in a future blog.

So, Today I spent most of the dat with my son, we bought some birthday things for him as early presents and had a thoroughly good time hanging out, and as we did this we ended up in Stony Stratford and here are The Cock Hotel and The Bull Hotel where the original 'Cock and Bull Story' was coined. I spent many years happily living here.

This evening my son and our friends ended up all sharing a meal at Wagamama's in Milton Keynes City Centre a small vestige of quality and good food at a reasonable price. I am starting not enjoying that whole big mall mentality but that place I feel comfortable.

Above are some sea pottery drawings that I mentioned earlier that I brought up with me as a gift and they seem to have gone down rather well, spreading a little joy.

I might get some drawing in tonight I might not.


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