Thursday, 10 November 2016

Walsall new art gallery fears, new drawings, Contemporary Abstract Drawing.

Above and below is a very small drawing that I did on a pumpkin seed, left over from halloween. It is a kind of tribute to Ai Weiwei. So unlike most of my work that remain with no title, this one I have titled 'Look Ai Weiwei I did one!' I really respect and enjoy the work of his that I have come across so far and when interviewed he comes across as a deep thinking man and is very articulate.

Above is another drawing I completed is last nights drawing session it is the RBN of the drawing I did the night before.

I also started this one above and should finish tonight and the I will have the reverse to do too.

Today has been a bit of a down day, well the morning was but then got motivated to head over to Penzance to pick a few supplies up and a new gel pen from Goldcrest Stationers. I will be needing it soon as my last one is starting to run low.

On the way back home on the back road I took these two pics although just dodgy phone ones. I would rather be a 'poor' artist here than anywhere else partly because in my opinion it is so lush and at the same time weather beaten, with its micro-climates and it has even been designated 'sub tropical'. The above pic shows the view up country and below is looking out to the most southerly point on the main land. I do have to remind myself that this is heading for the middle of November, the weather although mixed it is still pretty mild compared to where I used to live some 300 miles away.

I have been perplexed for a while now over the state of the nation and I have been catching up with bad and sad news everyday. The old director of Milton Keynes Gallery  and The Baltic is now at The New Art Gallery Walsall. It has been open since 2000 and Stephen Snoddy has been the director there. It was commissioned by Walsall Council and now it looks like there is a fight to keep it open. This is appalling news, all I see in the media these days is the slow banishment of art from schools and eroding of cultural experiences such as what will happen if this fantastic space is closed.  Here is a link to the gallery there are also petitions to sign, look them up on your favourite search engine and add your name to the cause. My fears are for it's workers and the loss for the city and the area.

I am off to draw soon......

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