Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Exhibition entries and new work.

Above is one of the drawings I did in last nights session, went for a circular motif and dots on dots.

Above is the reverse bleeding narrative and what I did with it.

Above and below are two larger scale drawings I did earlier this year that were in the now sadly shut UYS Gallery in St Ives. I have now entered these two work into an exhibition that with travel around four venues in the south west next year. So I have my fingers crossed that they will be accept, I will keep you informed on that one. A lot of my recent 'art time' has been not only taken up with drawing but trying to find exhibition opportunities to start getting my art out further than being seen in St Ives.
I have approached a number of galleries now and sadly I must say I have not had any emails back.
This will not dent my search, I would also like to find a gallery to take me in St Ives again.

Above are two more in my series of little works on sea pottery. I like to give these away sometimes as little art drops, mainly in and around St Ives but I have left some in Oxford a couple of times and also in Milton Keynes, I must do more.

I am off to draw, compulsion or discipline?


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