Monday, 7 November 2016

Drawing Class, new work and a view.

Above is the drawing I did last night whilst watching television. There was a very interesting program about art critic and author John Burger. It showed old his old art series, absolutely a part of its time and also a lot of his working methods a very interesting chap, who still keeps his sketchbook and engages with his inner artist.

Today started with me attending the usual drawing course at Barnoon Workshop here in St Ives. We were drawing some personal things. I drew my wife Zoe's key and fob and then my own, see below. It was a lot of fun for all of us at the class. I find it is always a great way to kick off a creative week.

The last ten minutes of this drawing morning I wandered off the brief a little and did this drawing with a sharp blade ink and graphite stick. I seem to have done a reverse narrative without any ink bleeding.

A little snap shot of the harbour at lunchtime.

This afternoon was spent doing some admin and thinking about the next courses we will be offering at Barnoon Workshop

Well I am off to draw, see you folks.

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