Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dot life.....

Although we went out to friends last night I still managed to get a drawing done when we returned. We got back late but with the US election happening we stayed up even later. I have always been concerned that the two candidates were Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, i have issues with both but the result makes me worry for America and the world, mind you would it have been any better the other way. I don't know.

Everything in this world is made up of very small things I sometimes think my dots might represent all of that small stuff.

Above are some smaller things I do, as you may know already I leave these around and about for people to find and take if they want. Today I received a lovely message from a lady who had been walking the Cornwall Coast Path. She found them on her journey, I believe it was 110 miles, she found them and treasured them on her journey. That makes me happy.

Below are some of the places and things where my dots end up.

I have to go off and do a guitar lesson now so have blogged before that Cheers all!

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