Monday, 21 November 2016

Last Nights Drawing Session, Today and Zoe Eaton's New Painting.

Above and below are the two drawings I finished last night above the a-side and below the bleeding narrative. Nice and minimal for me, I always try to get back to it but mainly fail! Oh well.

As nearly every other week in the year I attend the Open Drawing Class at Barnoon Workshop with mt wife Zoe Eaton as tutor. I am learning a lot and really enjoy the act of drawing real things from time to time. I rarely work in pencil, so today was drawing glass vessels. I made me realise I have to work on my elipses so above bottle and glass and below 3 attempts at a wine glass. Although part of me is not satisfied with the realism of them I do like the style and am happy with what I produced.

The Barnoon drawing group are becoming quite a chatty bunch as we draw and makes two hours pass too quickly. It is normally split between music and art culture and everything else as well.

Above is a picture of one of my drawings taken through a prism lens, thought it might be fun.

A Little Good News

Above is a new finished painting by my wife Zoe Eaton, she is really getting back into painting. I love the joy of paint and colour.

Whilst my wife has been painting at one end of our large dining table I have been reframing some work and also I have been working on this drawing. I love the vibe in the house when we are both working on something at the same time in the same room.

I have more reframing to do so my work is ready for entry in The Society of St Ives Atists Chrismas show. I do hope my work gets in so fingers crossed.

I am getting ready for our evening meal to be fully cooked and looking forward to University Challenge and drawing.

Cheers all!

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