Saturday, 19 November 2016

Art Drop, New Drawings and close-ups.

So after an evening out with friends Tree and Ally in The Pilchard Press I managed to get on with this drawing, I think it is finished but hey you never know with me at the moment.

Above is a work in progress that I managed to do about an hour on this today before our Candle Making Workshop this afternoon.

I have recently taken a few close-ups of my drawings to share with you and give you idea of what goes on right up close.

I must admit I quite like to close-ups, they make me look differently at my drawings.

I also drew these two little things for a very small art drop also did one yesterday, I wonder if they have been found yet. I left them not too far from where you see in the pic below.

Today I have walked up too many hills around this town but it won't stop me getting on with drawing later and I have got a lot of decisions to make about exhibition entries.


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