Thursday, 17 November 2016

One new drawing that I really love and more

Above is a drawing that took some time last night with all the different layering of dots. I am most pleased with the way this has come out. I must do a much larger exploration of this kind of drawing, I am thinking it might have quite some impact BIG.

Today has been a day of lots of bits, moving a potters wheel and lots of other gubbins, at one point I thought I would have time to draw but it became evening and I had a guitar lesson to give. I am back now and have eaten and am now writing this. I have been thinking on and off what to select for The Society Of St Ives Artists open exhibition. If I get in it will be my third time and last time, earlier in the year I had heartening sales to. So fingers crossed.

Below are some drawings I have completed over the last year or the certainly conform to my dots, lines and grids theme that is my muse at this moment and for a long time now.

All the above work has still kept my interest since the have been completed. I draw so much and produce many, many images that it is pleasing to see these again, a bit like bumping into and old friend and taking up with them again and just continuing your friendship.

I am off to finish the bleeding narrative of the top drawing. Cheers!

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