Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dots and stuff

Above is the reverse drawing I finished last evening, it took ages to do the double circles around each white gel dot and the almost unseen bled blue dots from the other side apart from in places where the ink flowed better.

Today we attended Stitch St Ives for Zoe to do a bit more Plastic Fusion and while that was happening I started this drawing. I like the way the ink has bled already, especially in the centre and want to add to it later.

Since returning home I have painted some cupboards to cheer them up, had my Sunday roasties worked on the Barnoon Workshop website and am now writing this listening to Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music, good show too.

Whilst drawing in public I was told that my drawings were like aboriginal art from Australia. I did counter that I could sort of see that except I am not trying to tell a story or anything tangible. They are just patterns and the viewer can take away what ever they think when looking at them. When I re-view my drawings I see many things that range from:-

  • It is just a pattern.
  • I can see how long that took.
  • It is a bit op-art
  • They make me happy
  • Remembering the process
  • Colour/Monochrome
  • How many dots on this?
  • Realising I have done so many drawings
  • Sold
  • Where is it now?
  • Universal form huge or minute.
 So I winder what I will be think whilst drawing tonight, could be anything once I have started. I could be having deep deep thoughts or paying some attention to a television program. I do hope there is a good art program on tonight, that always works for me whilst drawing. I don't always get so much time for reading books these days but I do read up stuff on other artists and show and movements on the net, especially if I don't know to much and find something I like.

Well I am off to and drawing and I will be 'thinking. not thinking' as the Martin Creed song goes.


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