Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday: Yes more new drawings and some work in progress.

Above is the first drawing I completed in last nights drawing session and I am loving it.

The second drawing finished last night is this reverse bleeding narrative version with added white dots.

Above is a drawing I started in last nights session, I doubt if is finished.

Today started at an easy time of morning, no alarm. After a late breakfast I did some Barnoon Workshop admin until I got locked out of my facebook account. I am not sure if my account has been taken over or that FB are asking too many personal questions that I don't want to give over.

However after that had a spot of lunch before my wife went up to Barnoon Workshop to  get on with some of her paintings. While Zoe was up there, I got on with the drawing below and this is what it looked like before I started.

After some three hours or so with only one coffee break and accompanied by Gilles Peterson on BBC 6 Music. A very interesting radio show it was too and he had an interview with Eddy Grant the pop pioneer. In the course of this he played Eddy's first band The Equals original of 'Police On My Back'. I had always known that Mr Grant wrote this but I had never ever heard the original, I now know how faithful the Clash's version is off their Sandinista album and I have always loved it. I also remember a version with it sampled by Lethal Bizzle which I also think is pretty damn good, but really good to hear the source.

So above and below are what my drawing looks like now.

With a rough calculation I have some 4.5k of dots on this one already I probably did 2,000 or so today.

Above is a collateral drawing of dot on my finger, a few misses whist recapping all those pens.

Cheers all.

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