Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday: A Wotnot Hat and a new drawing.

Above is the drawing that I completed in last nights drawing session, it fits in my whole sketchbook work very nicely but I am already thing what my next drawing will be but I am sure it won't take long to start, it never really does. After all I still have so many ideas that I have done yet. What size pen or colour, will it be a dot or will it be a line or a mixture. The only problem I have with all my ideas is living long enough to do them all, however normally whilst drawing I will think of more.

Today has been a nice day, more admin got done mainly soundtracked by BBC 6 Music.
I also did a little recycling run and took some stuff up to Barnoon Workshop for tomorrow's classes.

I then checked my emails and found that my friend had sent me another themed pic. This is Strawb and his Wotnot hat below. Made me laugh, such nice dots. Cheers fella.

I then started writing this blog and then my son phoned for a chat and to let me know he can come down for half term, which is great news.

The other thing I have noticed that over the last week my blog read numbers have picked up so for any stat fans out there...... Cheers!

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