Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday 226, Part of my journey.

Above is a drawing I did earlier this summer, I think of this on as a bright subtle one. Most of the the orange dots have one dot in the centre and the centre ones have dots all around it surprises me that the square in the centre stands out enough and make those dots appear a little darker.

Above is a drawing I have recently found in my portfolio and reminds me I have experimented with paint and drawing before. I have been doing a lot of thinking since attending a Barnoon Workshop watercolour course, although this is gouache but a similar medium. As I look at this one I am tempted to put a whole load of smaller dots on it too.

Above as with the last is another gouache and pen drawing but a grid one, it does seem that these theme pervade my work.

I also found this whilst going through my portfolio and I had forgotten all about it. It was one of the first of four drawings I had in a gallery some 10 years ago. It was in the now defunct Ice Twice Gallery in Olney Buckhinghamshire. Perhaps this is part of my juvenile period before I really found out what I was doing, so all part of my exploration to where I am now.

Now I am seriously trying to find my way through the art world having moved to St Ives Cornwall over 6 years ago to get more to the heart of something. It has been a quite a journey so far, like running an arts cafe through which we met so many lovely people and then onto opening up The Barnoon Workshop so we could get even more involved in the arts. This is a journey that hasn't resulted in riches but it is becoming a very rich life a few more art successes wouldn't hurt though but myself and my wife are working towards this, we are just needing a small break or to to get us to the next level.

See you tomorrow.....

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