Thursday, 6 October 2016

Thursday Watercolour etc

Above is a drawing I finished last night, part of my ongoing 'bleeding narrative' series. I call it that as the ink has bled through to the reverse side of the paper, it is also part of my 'leave it out' series where I invite you to fill the rest in in your head.

Above is a drawing I thought I had finished last night, now I am not so sure. We will see later.

Today started and finished with a watercolour class run by my wife Zoe Eaton +Barnoon Workshop. I have not had much truck with watercolour as a medium so as we were low on numbers I decided to join the class and boy did I learn alot. We did lots of exercises to get used to what watercolour can do and what it can't. The first two and a half hours just whizzed by while we were doing our instructed thing.

Below are four of my experiments, using washes, pools and wax resist. I really quite pleased with the results and most of them would fit in with my rules for drawing, so I just might have to explore more on a larger sheet of paper. It was a lot of fun and really got my head in gear for what I could do with this slightly unpredictable medium. Stuff for later on there then.

Over a nice lunch,  Lynn who was on the course brought her partner to Barnoon to look at a few of my larger scale drawings and share our lunch time. He was on the other side of art to us but we had a very enlightening discussion with him about his work as a commercial artist.

After our lunch break we got stuck into doing some larger scale washes and then went down to The Porthmeor Beach Cafe to draw over coffee and tea. When we had finished it was back up to the workshop to apply different colour washes to our drawings. Below are what myself and Lynn did, I think it is safe to say we were both surprised how well they came out. Zoe had done a really great day class for us. We have learnt so much. Thanks....

Below are our results Lynn's is at the top and mine is bottom.

I am writing this blog whilst listening to Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music, he has been playing some great tunes tonight and worthy session guests Warm Digits with CTMF and SAHB's version of the Jacques Brel's Next, not heard that for years.....

More drawings to do, see ya!

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