Friday, 21 October 2016

Work, work, work and life

Above is the drawing I showed last night but was a bit blurry so I am showing a slightly better image so you get the idea better.

Above is a drawing I did finish last night which is the reverse version of the first.

After that last drawing I fancied bigger dots for some reason so above and below are the other drawings I finished last night. So by holding the pen on the paper longer the ink bleeds well, love promarkers.
I am very happy with these two and I am making strides with this whole sketchbook work.

Today we had a meeting of most of the Barnoon Workshop lantern team.

Above and below are two drawings from last year that are in another whole sketchbook work. The top one is the basis of a much larger drawing that I am working on sporadically. I got a good few hours in last weekend but have been unable to fit in with work and life. Oh well.

Below is one of my earlier 'bleeding narrative' drawings I did on purpose and before I had coined the phrase. I love the image and indeed it is drawings like this that excite me and make me very happy I do what I do. Looking at this bright, blurry, composed but free image I am so pleased with how far I have explored in these last 15 years or so since I had the presumption to label myself as an 'artist' and in the last 8 or 9 years exploring the form of dots lines and grids. Finding out what dots can really do and then  adding colour and revisiting some of my earlier work and exploring one or two of those themes and adding it all into the mix of what I do now scratching out a living from the art world, some explored in previous blogs I have done on a daily basis since the end of Februrary, other outside thoughts on this are well expressed by Grayson Perry in his well thought out and jovial and serious book 'Playing To The Gallery'.

With all that said I know consider that I am in a small world of 'Contemporary Abstract Drawing'. After the years of work I now have managed to find a suitable term for what I do. Yes it is even a convenient term but I do think it does sum it all up for me and what I will continue to get on with. I feel I can go a lot deeper.

Above are some from the earliest dot drawings that are all in 'My First Book of Dots'

I am off to draw soon but also a bit taken aback by circumstances. My 15 year old son has broken his leg and it does sound like a big ouch from when I spoke earlier to him. I hope it mends well. There is now the chance hat he might not make it down to be with us for the half term. My thoughts are with him.

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