Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday: New drawings and work in progress.

Above is one of two drawings I completed last night whilst watching/not watching the television. Another pleasing result I think in my 'whole sketchbook' work.

Above is the 'bleeding narrative' reverse drawing also completed last night.

Above and below are an update from yesterday managed to fit in a hour or so on this one today, below gives you a better idea of what is going on in this drawing and above gives you and indication of how far I have to go before it is complete. So nearly 3 lines done on it today so it progresses but slowly.

So along with some drawing I rescued our business email from oblivion and then did quite a bit of housework, somehow I am always slightly behind with that kind of stuff. I have also delivered two different guitar lessons one for one and one for four.

In between the guitar lesson we managed to meet up with friends from the 'old country', it was very nice to see Elaine and Graham again. We both used to work with Elaine so it was interesting to catch up on our old college and get the gossip. They came to Cornwall nearly four years ago for our wedding
and made it down two years ago, so they hadn't realised we had sold on our cafe and that we are now fully involved in the arts.

Anyway bit of a late blog so I have to get off and do some drawing, back tomorrow. Cheers

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