Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lots and some new drawing

Above is the monochrome drawing that I think I have completed last night whilst watching BBC4 goes conceptual. James Fox did a good overview with 'Whose afraid of conceptual art?' He brought in Marcel Duchamps right upto 'excrement in a can' otherwise known as 'Shit' by Piero Manzoni and quite a few points inbetween and right upto Martin Creed who I find to be a most charming character explaining his crumpled up paper sculptures/not sculptures. I remember going to a Martin Creed gig at Tate St Ives and it was a wonderful experience. A few days later someone came in to what was our cafe at the time Cafe Art saying that I was in the video of the gig showing at the Tate. My first appearance in there and you never know it might not be my last.

After James Fox's show we were then 'treated' to one of the most perplexing art programs I have ever seen. The R&B Feeling - The Bob Parks Story. I wont go into it much as it is still sinking in in a disturbing way. All I will say is at times it seemed to almost have the flavour of a very dark Comic Strip Presents episode, not for the faint hearted.

Above is the progress I have made on my larger scale 'Sharpie' drawing, I hope I get some time so I can make more progress. I did the extra dots on this today whilst waiting for my guitar student to turn up.

After giving my guitar lesson I rushed home and had a quick lunch then went off around the town My first port of call was to deliver 3 new pebble drawings to The UYS Gallery St Ives, where I took this snap of the new pebbles in Wotnot Corner, I am very pleased they are next to Roelof Uys's ceramics.

I then deliver more drawings to to Carl and Kate at the BID office and tried to help a little while I was there. Then onto St Ives Framing to see Dean and pick up my framed wood drawing. I forgot to take pics but they look fab. I then delivered 4 to the Uys Gallery, then I went on to distribute some posters for this weeks workshops....

After that I then went to The Blue Bramble Gallery because somebody had told me that something very much like my work had been seen in there. The rumour was incorrect. I then saw Adrian from Olives Cafe next door and he was saying he needed more art on the wall, I gave him my last two wood drawing and vowed to get more framed to go on his cafe wall.

After all this I popped in to see Lauren Sebastian at The Sloop Art and Craft Market, she reminded me her exhibition at The Salthouse Gallery is only a week and a half away. Blimey that seems to have sneaked up quick since Lauren mentioned it earlier in the year. See you at the private view :)

Cheers, dinner to eat and drawings to draw.

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