Wednesday, 14 September 2016

1st Wednesday of The September Fest & Patrick Heron.

Above is the drawing I started last night and is the start of my new 'whole sketchbook', so to brake my stalemate with it I thought I would start with a 'sampler' approach and I suppose it follows on from my art drop drawings.

Today was full of busy festival workshops to do at Barnoon, this morning we had a morning off, well when I say off I went to Penzance to pick up Canvases for our Paint A Mini Masterpiece - Patrick Heron session, we ended up with seven painters and in two hours everyone had done some lovely work and below is a quick snap shot of the session in action. I would show you what I did but I forgot to take a picture. This morning I also picked up some thermalite blocks for our sold out Sculpture course on Friday and some extra wrasps also for the same session.

After the Patrick Heron I then gave to separate guitar lessons and am now home. The Blockheads are in town tonight but we really didn't have the energy to go down and see them. We caught them a few years ago at the Sept Fest and they are still at the top of their game. Shame we have missed them but work does come first.

Above is a picture I took the other day of a rock with lichen growing on it, it does look quite like some of my drawings, perhaps a source of inspiration for my work in a small way. Ever since I was taken to Cornwall as a 5 year old I have always been fascinated by these growths and the patterns they make.

Above an artist vanity done at the Torsten Lauschmann installation.

I am off to draw or I will not do any 'wotnot' work today

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