Monday, 13 March 2017

Starting the week, new drawings and Barbara Hepworth.

Monday: An alright day.

In last evenings drawing session I continued work in my 'handmade book' and above is the first drawing I finished.

After the first quickish drawing I then went on to do this more labour intensive work, starting with the large circles then onto the black dots within the circles, then adding the silver dots on the black dots and finally doing the between circles dots and it was done. As all manifested on the page I was very happy with it and still am.

After that previous drawing I thought I would riff on that theme but with larger circles, still a work in progress but I thought I would share it anyway.

Over the last 24 hours or so I have been working on some portrait drawings, trying to gain a style. I have been looking at my friends book 'The Book Of Lists' - P.Brainey and checkin out his comic book art and trying to get some pointers. The drawing above is of our friend Jordan Jackson, it looks quite like him but I think I need a bit more life in it, having said that it was done looking at a photo he took of himself in a mirror at a wedding.

Last evening we watched this whilst I was drawing, I found it really quite interesting although the narration was pretty flat but it filled in some gaps and was interesting to see a few places we know well.

This morning started with a drawing class up at Barnoon Workshop. My wife Zoe runs the class and it is often the only time I draw real stuff and this weeks lesson was on where light shines and shading. I spent quite a long time on my final drawing was this. I am getting more enjoyment out of the finished result and indeed just the enjoyment of the challenge. It was a busy session with nine of us learning, it would have been 4 but we were joined by an Australian family and a jolly session flew past.

After the session we picked up a quick snack and went for coffee at Cafe Art then went shopping, came home did a bit of website work and the home stuff.

I am off to to a couple of things and then I will be drawing as ever.
I have a few things to do then I will be off to draw

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