Saturday, 4 March 2017

Art Drop, My First Book Of Bleeding Narrative and new drawings in a new book.

Saturday: A quietish day with a walk down town to pick some shopping up and to visit The Guildhall to see a bit of the Lit Fest Library event. The Deputy Mayor Colenso did the raffle and we had chats with Ann Kelley and many others, shame we got down there a bit late but better late than never.
We then went back up the hill and did a few bits towards promotion, new ideas and website work for our business. We were meant to be going to an opening party at The Sloop Arts and Craft Market and a private view at The Belgrave Gallery but by the time we had eaten it was too late to do either.

Above is one of the two new drawings I completed last evening, it is the start of a new work in my series of hand made books with plastic fusion covers.

Above is the second in the new book, the book has no title yet but I am sure one will reveal itself as the work gathers. So far I am happy.

As I did in yesterdays blog I am looking back nearly three years or more to My First Bleeding Narrative Book. So I am showing some of the work in it and it still surprises me with half forgotten drawings that once I look come flooding back to me with more of a feeling than cohesive thoughts. A few of the drawings in this book are wonderfully tainted and improved my a liquid ink pen I had at the time that seemed to bleed forever even hours after putting the mark on paper and it became one of the running themes through the work. I remember the thinking between each drawing being free form and exciting to see what arrived on the next page. I still try to keep this feeling in the way I work now, it is part of it.

Above is another drawing from the same book that is touched by the same ever bleeding pen from the reverse of this drawing and the gel pen dots added on each mark put on this side. Each dot is a decision in time and I love it's ordered disordered form.

This drawing about is also nicely tainted by that pen, I would love to get some more of them but cannot remember the make or type. If I saw one I would know but the name escapes me.

Above is the last bleeding narrative work in tonights blog and is pure 'Bleeding Narrative' and I just love and really respond to this bled side of the paper, something unexpected that I did but didn't quite intend or something like that.

Above is a little art drop done outside of The Guildhall yesterday that had gone when we passed it today. I wonder who picked them up? What have they done with them?

I am off to continue in my new book. Cheers.

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