Wednesday, 22 March 2017

New work, guitar lessons and stuff.

Wednesday: Has been an ok day.

 In last nights drawing session it took me quite a time to finish this drawing above, however lots of fine liner lines did the job and I really quite like and it goes well in the book. After that I started to tackle the next drawing but I was still feeling unwell so I made slow progress. I am now thinking what goes next, we will see when I start drawing later.

Today started a bit slowly as still feeling a bit unwell, not like me but we went up to Barnoon Workshop to get Zoe ready for her acrylic painting course (week two). Whilst I went off to get water I did this little art drop above. Two contrasting small drawings I wonder if anyone has found them yet.

After the end of Zoe's course I went back to Barnoon to help her clear up and get ready for one of two guitar classes I have now given today and now I am back home and getting a few updates from my son on the football, a friendly international between England and Germany.

I now have a few things to do and then get on with drawing and relaxing and making sure I feel better tomorrow.

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