Thursday, 2 March 2017

New drawings, art drop and other stuff.


Not quite knowing what I was going to draw last night so I started two drawing at the same time to try and cross fertilize them. My mind is at work over this idea. So above and below are these works in progress.

 Below is me playing at putting the two drawings together, hmmmm. More thinking.

last night I did three pottery shards, above and the two below.

Today we went up to the workshop because we have an event on to do environmental sculpture, we had had plenty of interest but because the weather wasn't great it was a no show sadly but I don't blame them either so we have put the same event on a week on Saturday. After we got prepared for the workshop I finished the drawing above, which I started at the last Abstract Drawing workshop I delivered and by coincidence I have that workshop to do tomorrow and also have some booking to but there is still more space for anyone tomorrow.

Also quickly before our workshop didn't happen I did a very brief stone arrangement a brief environmental sculpture.

Today on the way back home I did a little art drop of these two small pebble drawings above and below.

Above is a ceramic tile I had drawn on the other week using oil based sharpies and then left it to dry and last night I got it baked off in the oven and it will then go off soon to it's owner.

Above and below are a couple of shots from around town to give you an idea of the beauty of our moody weather. Then I went off to deliver a guitar lesson...... Then home again.

I am of to draw and think about little tweaks for tomorrow's workshop. Cheers all!

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