Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Art Tour, Drawing and a social media seminar.


When I wrote yesterdays blog I had two pictures started but not finished so I embarked straight away on them and here they are above and below, more squares added to the first and more circles and dots added  to the second. I think they work as variations for this latest book that I am working on as I have mentioned in this last run of blogs.

Above is the new drawing I started in last evenings session, it was nearly finished when I stopped last night and during the course of today I managed to put the finishing touches to it. It seems to be more translucent than any of the previous works in this book. I am only about a quarter into the making of this new volume of 'Obliterarty' and I do wonder what I will draw in it tonight.

Today I conducted an Art Tour of St Ives, I really enjoy taking people around our fair town and pointing out some of the iconic art spots around the town. It ran over by about ten minutes but I was work showing of the two large paintings in the Guildhall.

I returned home after the tour had lunch and then we went out to get a few more posters around and then on to a social media seminar back at the Guildhall, although we seem to be reasonably upto date with that sort of thing I still found out a bit more about trends and some analytic tools to play with.

As I think a bit more of what I will draw tonight I leave you with this 'bleeding narrative' drawing above.


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