Thursday, 16 March 2017

Oh you know 'the normal'. New Drawings and Plastic Fusion.


In yesterdays drawing session I did the simple work with echoes of Raoul Dufy in my head about printing not always being accurate and enjoying it for that. It has given me an idea for a future exhibition title 'Drawing/Not Drawing'. I quite often have the thought in the back of my head when drawing that some of the time I must be printing with a pen.....

Above is the second I did last evening and it is a direct reaction to the previous drawing which is on the other side of the page. I love using the bled ink from the other side sparking off the next idea related but different.

 This above is the inside cover of my now pretty much finished handmade book. I drew most of it last night and am unsure of whether to do more to it or not as yet.

Above is the drawing on the back inside cover of the handmade book and I also have to decide if it is finished. I have decided to not draw or really look at the whole book until tomorrow when I feel a bit more divorced from having worked on it for the last two or three weeks. So tonight I am going to start a new book project and start 'Obliterarty Volume 3'.

Today has been a mixed day of some admin work this morning and this afternoon we held a plastic fusion workshop at Barnoon and below you can see me planning out the pattern I was going to fashion out of old carrier bags.


Plastic Fusion

Above is the plastic fusion sheet that I finished up with, perhaps it will become another book cover for my next handmade book, who knows but it is quite possible at this point.

I am off to draw and get some thoughts together on what I need to do for future exhibition entries and also other plans for shows and events.


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