Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New works and small works

Tuesday: I have been ill. This meant for the first time I had to miss doing an Art Tour. My wife Zoe Eaton had to go up and cancel it and when she did she found four people hoping to go on the tour. Such a shame I am sorry but I just didn't feel well enough.

I was feeling a bit unwell last night but still managed to get on with some drawings, so above is the sixth drawing in my new book and so far I am finishing a drawing or two a day. In the back of my head I felt I should be getting work ready for the next open exhibition at The Mariners gallery I was under the misapprehension that it was to be handed in in the next week or so but actually have another month so I feel that I can continue with this my next 'Obliterarty' book.

Above is the seventh and another variation in what I do sort of.

I then embarked on this but didn't finish it but I should get it finished tonight and hopefully get another well on the way or even finished.

Another little drawing I fitted in with last evenings work is this one above drawn on a pottery shard found on the beach. I really enjoy doing these small drawings and gives me a break from working on paper which from time to time is a breath of fresh air. As you may know if you read my blogs I mainly use these as little free art drops that I leave mainly around St Ives for people to find although I have left some in Milton Keynes, Oxford and other Cornish towns that I visit from time to time and when I do I try to remember to take a few with me. I also sometimes leave them as an alternative tip in a pub or a restaurant, they also make little gifts when visiting people. They seem to be really quite popular for whatever reason and I like that, there have become quite a few fans, I quite often get a message or a pic posted online with me tagged in it and I do like that reaction I also have received a few messages now from a lady whose daughter has always wanted to find one and is down here over Easter so I am planning to do quite a number of drops over the Easter holidays. I do hope I leave enough clues for them to find one or two.

Below I will leave you with a selection of these small shards and stones that are the objects in my art drops.

Well I am off to relax and get better and do some more drawing.


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