Friday, 17 March 2017

Assemblage, Drawing and Plastic Fusion.


So yesterday I started work on my new obliterarty book and didn't quite reach the finishing point on the first work in it, above. Whilst starting the drawing I realised it was a much larger size of book than I had previously tackled and therefore I sit at the start of a project that is going to take quite sometime to finish and yet again I hadn't really considered this much. I think I am going to in this one quite deeply. I do occaisionally have the thought that if I did know how long things would take I might think of easier projects but it has not been the nature of my work to baulk at that idea,  but I do like to play with more immediate and quicker works so I don't get too locked into one thing and to keep my ideas flowing.

Above is an example of what I was just discussing, this work has been a while in the making in fact since we started doing Plastic Fusion classes at Barnoon Workshop. You may think why is that related but the small copper and alloy strips come off vegetable nets and stop the ends fraying and keep the integrity of the netted onions etc. These we use in the workshop for adding extra patterns to our fused plastic enhancing the design. Every time I took one apart I tried to save the metal bits and these are some I have used in this not yet finished or ethereal work although I am thinking of fashioning it into a more permanent piece by getting the strips to sit in the larger strip of lead that by chance I found the other day when walking home from the workshop. I didn't quite know that I had been looking for something like this to complete the idea but immediately I saw it the thought hit me clearly that this forgotten remnant of lead was what I was looking for and would make the whole image something I would be happy with.

Above is a cover of my plastic fusion covered book and the green vegetable netting was used in the making of it, Below are a few drawings from this my second handmade art book. The book is called, would you believe it, 'Double Chill' and was made and completed last year.

As usual I am off to do more drawing, thinking and exploration. Cheers!

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