Friday, 3 March 2017

My First Bleeding Narrative: The Sloop Art and Craft Market: Two larger drawings.

Friday: bit of an anti-climax. This morning I was meant to be running my abstract drawing workshop but for various reasons it is now going to be next Wednesday morning.

Last evening I did some drawing but forgot to actually take some pics however in the process of getting ready for the aforementioned workshop I went through a whole sketchbook that I must have done some 3 years ago. I must admit that I found it very interesting looking back at them, the book seems to work well as a whole. So I thought I would share some.

 Above is one that attracted my attention, one of mixed themes but not themes I seem to have repeated yet.

Above is a nice orange spin on one of my growing number of themes.

Above is sort of going back to my original theme of black dots on white paper with the extra twist of bled through green ink from a previous drawing to envelop. This is the book that really started the bleeding narrative.

Above is a theme I do keep coming back to in various forms and is a mixture of purple dots drawn on different the two opposing sides of the paper for different sections. Really like the non perfect grid of dots which I think gives it life and movement.

Above is one that riffs on the bleeding narrative from the previous drawing and then applying the black dots.

Above is a pure version of my bleeding narrative drawings and this is the untouched reverse and what I love about it is the intensity of the square with a hole in it and the fading of the other red dots. What I also like about this drawing is how it affected the drawing on the following page. The ink seemed to stay slightly fluid and built up/gathered on the drawing below over the following days and was a lovely extra thing for me to enjoy whilst exploring my drawing possibilities.

Today we also popped in on Erin Lacy who is setting up her unit in The Sloop Craft Market for her business Pick Pretty Paints and we wish her good luck in this venture. Erin does some of our workshops up at Barnoon, can;t wait to see it open. The Sloop market is starting to look really quite vibrant again.

I remember that it always seemed to be a place to visit when my parents brought me down on holiday to St Ives as a kid. The place opened in 1969. My guitar straps were sourced here and actually I still have one that I use on my bass and I suppose another coincidence is that I am now starting to play bass with Erin's father's party band. He is a good drummer and I looking forward to performing with the band at the end f the summer.

I now have to try and resize the two larger scale drawings files so I can enter an art prize/exhibition. Wish me luck with the technology.

Above and below two drawings I did in the last year, both took ages to finish one dot at a time.

So I am off to play with file sizes and then onto more drawing. Cheers all!

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