Sunday, 19 March 2017

Last blog of the week about my drawing and nearly a 1,000 views in a week, wow!

This is Sundays blog showing what I drew last evening and some other thoughts.

Above is a drawing I started Friday but I had only done the sharpie circles, last evening I chose to fill them in and now it looks like this. That done I then had to think how I would approach the next drawing.

Above is the result of all that thing and I think that they work well together in this book. These last two drawings were done with Sharpie pens and for some reason I am very happy with it. It looks quite pure, simple and even dare I say it quite minimal.

I now have to think up my next drawing and I will leave that decision until I open my book and start drawing.

Today has been a busy day doing a day course of beginners guitar up at Barnoon Workshop, Zoe brought my lunch up. I got home in good time and since then have been soaking up the news and a big dinner listening to Tom Robinson's Now Playing show on BBC 6 Music and two hours of music in the honour of Rock 'n' Roll great Chuck Berry without him where would music be today.

Below are a few more drawings that I have done over the last year. I am caught sometimes when I am looking at previous work I have a general memory of doing the work but also I sometimes see little levels that I had forgotten I had put in so I find that I have put in or left out detail in a way that I enjoy and interesting. For example the drawing immediately below where I have not put white gel dots on every purple dot but missed some. It took me quite a while before I could start leaving a drawing and thinking it was complete if I hadn't done every option to it and now I can.

 Above and below are more of my grid drawing experiments, even though I say 'experiments' I do feel they are still works and enjoy the freedom of making them. So here are three quite different takes on them.

I am off to draw :)

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