Wednesday, 8 March 2017

.orkshops and drawing and Carbis Bay.


Above is the first of two drawings I did last evening, quite minimal, well, ish
Below I also started on the reply drawing on the other side of the page, although I am not  sure if it is finished, we will see when I start drawing.

This morning I ran an abstract drawing class at Barnoon Workshop and there was some lovely work done by my two students and it looks like they will continue with this form of drawing and finish of the work they did. It was one of those sessions where time just flew by. After my workshop I then met Zoe and my mother in law for a coffee in Cafe Art and then we went off to Carbis Bay to arrange a meeting about doing art workshops there as soon as Easter. It was quite misty and quite beautiful. We caught the train there which only cost £1.95 for all three of us and after the visit we walked back along the coast path and saw many seal and lots of bird life and also saw some gorgeous magnolia's in bloom.

Carbis Bay looking to Godrevy.
When we got back into town I went up to the workshop again to do a guitar lesson then quickly back home for some food and then back up to the workshop for the third time today to do another guitar lesson. I then got home and pottered about thinking about all the possible drawing projects I should be embarking on it is just trying to fit in with real life and trying to earn enough money to keep all our projects going, not as easy as it should be but with they economy and a very unhelpful Government not really combating it I am afraid they don't seem to have a clue how to help ordinary people whilst claiming they are. I worry for our country and it's people.

Below I am showing off three painting, two that have sold and one that we kept. These are all from when I painted abstracts rather than drawing them. As I have said before my wife Zoe was instrumental in me changing direction in my work. I always worked in a similar process manner that I do today by setting up some rules that I would adhere to to do the work. I can be quite strict about keeping to these but I seldom let it get too much in the way if I feel the work isn't showing off some form of beauty.

So here above and below are two paintings I did using household tester pots and canvas and using the tester pot lids to print and drip the paint around the canvas. Yes I know that this acknowledges Jackson Pollock but it was really just a spin of from working with the paint pot lids. I certainly didn't do these pretending I was inhabiting 'Pollock' an artist I admire for what he did in his time and in his place in art history. I have always very much enjoyed his work and seeing the ones I have for real and in the flesh I am always impressed with their wild movement and rhythms but they now have their place in the past and history. I am trying to be of the present and contemporary. I know not whether I manage to pull this off but some people I respect think so but hey I do what I do whatever people think.

Above is an earlier work painted on MDF. although I was in my earlier 40's I kind of count this as part of my juvenalia  as I had only spent a few years of play trying to discover what it was I was doing and trying to achieve with my work although the mists were starting to clear but as I said above it needed a moment for me to shift gear and start properly on my abstract drawing, So a big thanks to my wife Zoe Eaton.

 So todays blog will finish with me showing off three abstract drawings, the first two above and below are examples of my book work.

Above is another example of part of what I do really, I bring patterns to life and hopefully in new ways.

I am off to continue my journey.


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